If you are a women 35 years of age of older living in the Northern Virginia area you are invited to join SageWomen.

To join, go to: http://www.meetup.com/SageWomen/

Our meeetups are positive, fun, learning-oriented, and life-enhancing. They are designed for women ready to move forward in crafting better, happier lives and enjoying the journey of personal growth and discovery with like-minded friends.

In our meetups we take part in discussions and activities aimed at our growing in self-knoweldge, refreshing and nourishing us in mind and body, and giving us tools and understanding we can use to build happier and more meaningful and satisfying lives. We also aim at having a good time together when we meetup.

This is not a for-profit group. No organizers or members of this group make money from leading or coordinating our meetups. However, all members are expected to contribute to the group by helping with the planning, coordinating, and hosting of our meetings. If there are any expenses or costs involved in an activity, they are made known in advance and shared and paid for by the participants.

Most of our meetups will be in small groups (called "circles") of no more than 12 women. This is to facilitate discussion and participation and also to make it possible to hold our meetups in members' homes. However, not all of our meetups will be in homes; some of our meetups will be held at public places, such as parks, libraries, and coffee shops.

Initially our circles will be open for any members to attend; however, once we have a regular core group of 10-12 members, we will form a closed circle of women who meetup together regularly. New circles will then open when we have "old" members who are willing to act as facilitators for them.

Membership in our group is open to women 35 years of age or older. We are looking for women who will be regular participants, but for the time being we welcome women who want to visit and see what we are all about.

This is not a therapy or support group. We do not discuss or deal with individuals' personal issues or life problems, past or present.

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